Bayer Breeze2 Test Strips 10s BBZ2-10s

Bayers Breeze 2 Meter Has A Unique Easy To Load 10 Test Strip Disc. Each Strip Is Individually Sealed In The Foil Disc Which Ensures No Exposure Of Test Strips To The Atmosphere Until Activated For Testing. Accuracy Of Testing Results Is The Cornerstone For Any Confident Decision Making By The Patients And Healthcare Professional/ Doctor To Keep Diabetes Under Control. The Accuracy Of Breeze 2 Is Based On Its Unique No Coding Technology And Interference Protection Technology. Bayers Breeze 2 Test Strip Discs Are Compatible Only With Bayers Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Meter.

Bayer Breeze2 Test Strips 10s BBZ2-10s


Smart design -

Easy handling with its unique, 10-test disc

Faster - Shorter testing time as you don't need to load individual test strips for every test

Accurate results

  • Bayer's No CodingTM technology eliminates inaccuracies due to miscoding
  • Interference protection for many common interfering substances, protecting against many inaccuracies resulting from elevated blood levels of cholesterol + triglycerides & environmental factors
  • inaccuracies resulting from evelated blood levels of cholesterol + triglicerides & environmental factors
  • For hospitalized patients / Patients on dialysis: Automatically corrects for haematocrit / paracetamol / ascorbic acid. Doesn't cross react with maltose / galactose

More comfortable -

  • Tiny blood sample size - 1µ
  • Fast test time - 5 seconds
  • Sip-In Sampling helps you get the right amount of blood on your first try

Easy viewing -

Large clear display makes it easy to read

Testing on the go -

Ready to test your blood glucose right out of the box

Large memory -

Stores 420 results

  • online-surgical.comBayers Breeze 2 meter has a unique easy to load 10 test strip disc. Each strip is individually sealed in the foil disc which ensures no exposure of test strips to the atmosphere until activated for testing. Accuracy of testing results is the cornerstone for any confident decision making by the patients and Healthcare Professional/ Doctor to keep diabetes under control. The accuracy of Breeze 2 is based on its unique no coding technology and interference protection technology. Bayers Breeze 2 test strip discs are compatible only with Bayers Breeze 2 blood glucose meter.
  • Model: OSIBBZ2-10S
  • Manufacturer: Bayer Healthcare

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