Omron Body Fat Monitor HBF-701

Body fat percentage, Skeletal muscle percentage, Visceral fat level, BMI display, Resting metabolism display, Body age display, Memory Storage Up To 3 Months, Body Weight, Guest Mode-4 People, Progress Chart, Segmental Subcutaneous Fat Percentage, Segmental Subcutaneous Muscle Percentage.
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Omron Body Fat Monitor HBF-701

online-surgical.comBody fat percentage

online-surgical.comSkeletal muscle percentage

online-surgical.comVisceral fat level

online-surgical.comBMI display

online-surgical.comResting metabolism display

online-surgical.comBody age display

online-surgical.comMemory Storage Up To 3 Months

online-surgical.comBody Weight

online-surgical.comGuest Mode-4 People

online-surgical.comProgress Chart

online-surgical.comSegmental Subcutaneous Fat Percentage

online-surgical.comSegmental Subcutaneous Muscle Percentage

  • Model: HBF-701
  • Manufacturer: OMRON Healthcare

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