Syringe Pump Heavy Duty SP-101

Occlusion Pressure - Low, Medium, High Can Adjust, Audio - Visual Alarm - Near Empty, Empty, Occlusion, Remove, Low Battery Exhausted, Device, Disengaged, Motor Trouble, Falling Of The Injector Ac Power Fail, Time And Volume Mode, Indicating The Remaining Time Of Injection, Automatic Check, Injector Specifications, Kvo Functions, Total Indication Of Transfusion, Quickfeed / Prime Function, Battery Capacity Demonstration., Weight 2.3 Kg, Applicable To All Brands Of Disposable Syringe, Clear-Displaying On Lcd Screen Remaining Line Of Injection, Automatically Controlling Syringe Moving Speed In Accordance With Specific Volume And Time Presented For Each Injection.

Syringe Pump Heavy Duty SP-101

All Online Surgical Imported Range comes with One Year Carry In Warranty for any manufacturing defects (Misuse or usage wear and tear not included) and Service Assistance by Online Surgical Customer Care.
Product Features and Benefit
  • online-surgical.comocclusion pressure - low, medium, high can adjust
  • online-surgical.comTime and Volume mode, indicating the remaining time of injection, automatic check, injector specifications, KVO functions, total indication of transfusion, quickfeed / prime function, battery capacity demonstration.
  • online-surgical.comApplicable to all brands of disposable syringe
  • online-surgical.comAutomatically controlling syringe moving speed in accordance with specific volume and time presented for each injection
  • online-surgical.comApplicable syringe - all brands of diposable syringes by volume of 10ml, 20ml, 30ml & 50ml
  • online-surgical.com0.1 ~ 400ml / h in .1ml / h increments ( 30ml injector )
  • online-surgical.com0.1 ~ 200ml / h in .1ml / h increments ( 10ml injector )
  • online-surgical.comActuation accuracy: =± 1 %, infusion accuracy: ± 3 %
  • online-surgical.comAudio - Visual Alarm - near empty, empty, occlusion, remove, low battery exhausted, device, disengaged, motor trouble, falling of the injector AC power fail
  • online-surgical.comweight 2.3 kg
  • online-surgical.comClear-displaying on LCD screen remaining line of injection
  • online-surgical.comPower supply AC 85V or 265V ( at option ), DC inner power 10.8v
  • online-surgical.comFlow rate option - 0.1 ~ 600ml / h in .1ml / h increments ( 50ml injector )
  • online-surgical.com0.1 ~ 300ml / h in .1ml / h increments ( 20ml injector )
  • online-surgical.comTotal infused volume - 0.1 ~ 999.9 ml in 0.1ml increments
  • online-surgical.comQuick feed 200ml ( 10ml injector ), 300ml ( 20ml injector ), 400ml ( 30ml injector ), 600ml ( 50ml injector )

Technical Specification

  • Model: OSISP-101
  • Manufacturer: Imported Products

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