Harness Organics Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 110ml

Harness Organics Extra Virgin Coconut oil is extracted from fresh harvested Coconuts. These nuts are then deshelled, brown skin peeled and thoroughly washed in purified water to extract high quality coconut milk which is free from any contaminants. This pure white coconut milk is then cooled and thawed in the traditional method to extact 100% pure Extra virgin Coconut oil. Harness Organics Extra virgin coconut oil comes to you with all the natures goodness intact as it is unrefined cold processed and free from any aggressive chemical extraction or clarifying techniques.
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1. Rich source of medium chain fatty acids which helps in weight loss and overall energy levels

2. Virgin coconut oil is the best natural moisturizer which nourishes skin and scalp

3. Virgin coconut oil is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral

4. Daily raw consumption of Virgin coconut oil provides energy and helps in weight loss

5. Oil pulling with Virgin coconut oil maintains good oral hygine and prevents cavities

6. Organic mature coconuts from our own farms ensures consistent quality and aroma

7. Harness Organics Extra Virgin Coconut oil is manufactured in the traditional method of cooling and thawing, 100% cold processed and doesn't involve heating or any kind of chemical processing at all.

8. No aggressive manufacturing techniques used which retains all the natural goodness of mother nature.

9. Wide rage of spray packs of 55ml, 110ml and 212ml available which avoids wastage while storage and usage. Spray packs are also convenient for usage in cooking, hair, cosmetic and raw consumption.

10. Press the pump slowly and you can get a steady stream of oil right into your hand, press the pump forcefully and you get a fine mist spray of oil.

  • Model: 002
  • Manufacturer: Harness Organics

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